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Hey guys I know right its been a trillion years since I last blogged something... HHHAHAHA

Well I really had no time for blogs anymore and I guess blogging is a dying trend in Singapore already. But then again, how can I claim myself as a blogger when I don't have a blog that I use to update? haha

Not really. My motive of this post is to create memories for myself. HEHEE..

*I hate blogger's new interface like so empty and not nice one agrh!*

So that day I went for a couple photoshoot. My first ever try out of having a 'girlfriend' in my shoot.


So after i POSTED this photo on instagram. A lot of people came and asked me whether is she my girlfriend. hahah She is my Model for this shoot and I personally contacted her to do this shoot with me because she has what I want as a girlfriend material, in terms of looks la... so ya you all always like to ask me right. What type of girls I like. This type of face one lor my type. hahah

If you all followed me everywhere. Especially on my fb, Twitter. You guys should see and know that I've been having a lot of drama in my life lately. 

Before I start everything I say here is PERSONAL. So back then quite awhile ago I met a new friend. She was a very nice girl-friend of mine. Please be reminded that she is only a friend of mine. 

As time goes by... She started to fall into darkness and by darkness I meant jealousy. Whichever friend I mixed with she will be very jealous of it and she don't admit that she is jealous of it. A lot of times we quarrelled because she was jealous but I just ignored that fact because I'm not interested to entertain people like that. 

Then. She started to use ' best friend ' as an excuse to everything. She claim that she treated me exceptionally well. I'm the VIP of her life. If I were to call her down everywhere she will come for sure. And yes indeed she is a very steady friend whenever I needed her she will be there and thus sums up to the ' VIP ' part. But what she is over reacting is whenever I mix wth my friends. Especially new people I meet. She start to think that I am not bothering her, I've changed and came to comfort me a lot of times regarding this matter. My answers to all  of them are the same and that I did not change.

But because this friend of mine, she is god-level when it comes to creativity. She will think a lot and assume a lot, and even accuse me of assuming things all the time and to put it in a way, pin pointing things to not realistic not related and very over exaggerated. 


Most importantly, claiming that everytime we quarrel... I will badmouth about her to everyone which reflects very bad of me, and also accuse me of saying things about her via my social media platforms. NO DOUBT.. I did say her before on my SMPs previously sometimes I do. But in recent months i guess from a few months ago I never said anything about her anymore.. Sometimes even when it comes to lyrics and throwbacks she will think that im saying her. She became so overly sensitive of whatever I post and whatever I do. Worse still she doesn't admit it and say that I think too highly of myself. But the truth is... I really DID not want to post anything about her anymore because I'm sick of this woman and I want to get over her and go with my life. 


Sometimes life is like this... You cherish someone and that someone doesn't cherish you. I honestly had this kind of experience before thus I would never do it to my friend. Whatever she claims and whatever she is saying it's because she likes me. And that alone is put our friendship at risk. Well honestly speaking she claim that I treated her extremely well previously and I treated her like shit after knowing a new of mine, which is a guy I will name him Amber. 


She went crazy whenever I go out with amber, want to like question me about whether im dating him and accusing me of having a love affair with him etc etc etc. At the end she claim that oh she is just a very caring friend and that she wants to save me from being gay. But the truth is. It's not like that. 


Even when I go out with friends that I knew for the longest time. She will also get jealous saying that I will only cater my weekends to them and only my 3 hour short weekdays night time for her... Always comparing how bad I treated her and such. 

She even said that I used to send her morning MSGS all the time and now no more and said that I used to send goodnight msgs and now no more too.

She would even say that I would say goodnight and later on still appear online on my whatsapp chat. Which friend in the world would do that? Stalk my last seen.. You know it's okay to stalk but she claim that she didn't (she say that oh just nice she want to type something to me and she still saw me online.. oh please)

I'm sick of your lies. Friends would get pissed when they see peolle last seen them and make a big fuss out of it ALL THE TIME. Friends will only say like EH why you last seen me and wouldn't really get bothered about it. Only when your boyfriend last seen you then you will get bothered by it.


What's worse is that she will always have a zillion reasons to whatever she do. I met a new girl recently. Whenever I post something about me and this girl, she will create shit in my life. And she claim that it's nothing personal. Whenever we quarrel she will use work as an excuse to fault me. It's pretty much ridiculous and she still don't want to admit that she is like this. Maybe she doesn't know tht she is twisting stories and making people believe her side of the story but the reason why I'm doing this blogspot is to tell you this.


I can't be bothered over whatever you do because I had ENOUGH. Friends are not like this. I'm not your boyfriend you're not my girlfriend, you're not my mum, you're not whatever you were just a friend. And I had to say this and it might sound very mean... Friends do care for one another, best friends care, VIP friends care.. Whatever friends should care. But whatever you're doing, you're caring TOO MUCH. AND TOO OVER. It's not caring anymore it's controlling. It's jealousy and it's very disgusting.


I always tell you this. I don't need you in life. You can leave you should move on. I don't tell that to my friends. Only you. Because I don't want to be in a relationship with you. We can be friends and nothing more and if you can't accept that fact you should move on. That's why I always tell you to leave because I want your heart to be dead over me. (Well iG guess after this someone will still be thinking that i think too highly of myself) 

But whatever. Highly or not whether am I feeling the correct way or not. This is my piece this is my life. 


I will never let a presence of a woman that I don't love change my concept and try to interfere with things that I do, especially with my friends. The number one thing that made me want to write this post is to tell you that I treasure every fucking friend of mine out there. 

I do get jealous of i cherish the person more but I don't control my friends and interfere their lives because I love them as friends, and nothing more. 

Don't come and lecture me how I should be and how I should learn to appreciate my friends. My friends love me. Oh regarding to that...


I change cliques often and I move on whenever the next available friend is free to mix with me. That doesn't mean thati don't treasure nor cherish my friends. I love them and of cos I bitch about the whenever I feel that I cherish them and they don't appreciate it. I admit I badmouth them all the time, even my best friends that doesn't mean that I am an evil person. And I'm very clear of that, that my friends are aware of me badmouthing them. Because they should know the reason why I badmouth them, it's because I care a lot. If not you think i would waste my saliver to even mention them in my life? NO?


At this point of time I just had enough of her already. I don't wish to carry on this friendship anymore because it's not a friendship it's a very disgusting love and hate relationship. If you look back at your actions. Please reflect whatever you did, trying to make your stories real and believable to your kins is really a talent. Sorry that I can't be your perfect boy-friend (or VIP friend that you claim) because I have a lot of more important friends, gay or not is my business, in a relationship a not is my business not. You shall not interfere with my life, shall not bother me anymore from this utmost point onwards. 


Lastly. This is not a hate post. This is a summary of what I've been through for the past year. It is all personal. And whether you like it or not is my fucking business because this is my fucking blog. If you think that saying bad things about her on MY blog is a bitch move. You should save the comments for yourself. I've already mentioned. This is not a hate post and I do not wish to harm anyone in any sort of matter. 

And I'm not blogging or writing down the person's name on this blog so her life is saved and so as her reputation. I am not sayig that loving someone is wrong. Liking/loving isn't wrong but her actions and whatever she did back then were all wrong. I'm a 21 year adult. I'm not a kid. I don't need someone to lecture me about my maturity because I had put in a lot of thoughts to writing this post. And I know that SHE WILL READ IT. I'm not walking one big round to tell her that she is a bitch and she suck. I'm just saying that her actions are really disgusting and I can't stand it. 

Okay that's all for my comeback post. I will try to post more in the future *haha don't know bluff you all how many times already say will post more but never* 

But I will be doing productions for my cheesy chips chips for you all to watch YA! Do watch okay :) 

Photo credits 
Model - Lyndelim
Photographer - LionelLim 
Makeup and hair - Clairwee

*lastly I would also like to add this that this blog post is only personal. 


Introducing Cheesy Chips Chips

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 @ 5:33 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Here are some things that I've been working for :

1st Video : Shit Relationship Problems

2nd Video : My Annoying Sisters

3rd Video : My Neighborhood Aunties

Okay so this is the first three videos regarding Cheesy Chips Chips.

My 4th video will be coming up soon believe me it on the way ya! I know it took longer time to do this video because i've been very very busy lately with work stuffs!

But if you can please leave a feedback on my channel on our videos so that we can improve from there!

Here are some questions to answer you all :

What is Cheesy Chips Chips?

Cheesy chips chips is a small production owned by me (that's why its on my channel ma) to promote comedy in the form of short films.

Will you be doing Vlogs in the future?

YES! I will be doing more videos in the future just that right now my focus is Cheesy Chips Chips that's why i'm not vlogging often on my channel.

Do you accept collaborations?

YES I DO!! Just email me at cheesychipschipsproduction@gmail.com for collaboration in the future :)

Okay I'm done! HAAHAHAHA I know its been a long long while since I last blog something (One of the longest breaks i've ever had in my life) that's because I'm so busy with army life. I can't be possibly uploading pictures taken in my camp right? its not allowed and my weekends are burned usually - because of filming or going out with my friends.

I really don't know who is still interested to read this boliao blog of mine. But once cheesy chipschips settle down.. i will be returning to this little blogosphere. this break gave me time to think what i want to do. and this blog somehow becomes my journal and I will be writing more in the future.

*To friends on my FACEBOOK i know i've been complaining a lot lately. well. just having some friendship issues and right now i'm more than happy because i've finally cut off every single shit i'm into for the past 1 year.

okay see you in the next video! BYEBYE :D

Samsung Gear 2 Sponsored Review

Friday, August 15, 2014 @ 6:44 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since you last see me!

HAHAHAA so actually I've been very busy trying out my new gadgets at home and you know besides the new Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE that I've gotten my hands on... I've also gotten the Samsung Gear 2!!!!


Hehehe my beloved Samsung Gear 2!
Major in love and the retail price is selling at SGD$396

What I love about this smartwatch is that there are a lot of amazing functions.

First of all, the function that seems to be the weirdest, but the coolest :


Can you make a guess what kind of function is this according to my photo? Hahaha


And yes! No doubt about it! The Gear 2 allows you to MAKE A CALL ON IT HAHAA!
The call function is really not bad, it's just like speaking to someone with a loud speaker. The difference between the Samsung Gear Fit and Gear 2 is that Gear 2 can call people while Gear Fit can receive phone calls. 

It's DAMM AWESOME! You can just receive or call on your smartwatch with the likes of linking your watch with your GALAXY S5 LTE via BLUETOOTH! 

Not only that, Gear 2 is also available to various selected Samsung models! It's actually pretty easy to use!! (I'm not a very clever person) HAHAAHA

The next cool function of this watch is that :


Can you guess what I'm doing again? GAHAGA



I mean if you're a pervert and would like to take snap shots of people in the public this is good for you la. 

Otherwise I think being a paparazzi this function is also DAMM good for you? BAHAHA and it can take photos up to this kind of quality :


2MP - No edit no filter!
It actually looks not bad leh!

The camera is so small, and in-built to a watch!!

OH OH you can also use it to take photos on trains to stomp people! HAHAHA!!! 

Video recording can go up to 15 secs which still a very wonderful thing about this smartwatch I mean... HOW MANY WATCHES OUT THERE CAN ACTUALLY TAKE PHOTOS AND RECORD VIDEOS? LOL

And of course the main purpose of this smartwatch is to promote health awareness! 


You can actually bring your pet out for a walk during the day wearing the watch and count how many steps you've walked! Ahaha good for you and your dog wor HAHAHA


there's also a in built heart reader for you to measure your heart beat! 


TADAH! Resting heartbeat is 70-90! So I'm like DAMM healthy la if you 100+ Means you never exercise one! (Actually I also very lazy never exercise le HAHAA)


Here's a happy moment photo of me with both my new toys! HAHAHAHAH! Just connect them together and you can use it like siao LIAO ahahahahaa


The best thing of this watch is you can set your own wallpaper which I like it the most because I can be vain and flashing my cool watch to people with my face HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Here are some good news to fellow readers :

Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 32GB without contract at selected retailers, CE/IT Stores and Samsung Experience Stores
-           Free 24” Samsung HD LED TV worth $259

 Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 16GB with contract at Mobile Operators
-           Free Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 Lite (7.0”) Wi-Fi worth $198

HAHAHA okay hope you enjoyed reading 


I'm still alive

Saturday, July 19, 2014 @ 6:58 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Hey guys its been awhile since you last see me!

I got to say this! I did not just die off from my social media and life!! haha

I'm very busy with a lot of things lately...

Filming, Army, Friends. So many things and I don't even have time to take photos anymore.

I guess something to prove that I am busy is to show you the works that I had done over the past few months!

AND GUESS WHAT. It's not just that I'm returning to youtube. I will be vlogging more frequently so do chekc out and stay tuned to my videos alright?

I know a lot of you readers are long gone already but its okay. I will generate new ones and new people that will continue to support me! hehehe and as for the remaining few of you thank you so much for your support I will use my works to impress you :)

Let's start off with my Most RECENT VLOG : HOW TO CURE ACNES!!

I hope this will help you guys with pimple problems! It helped me though hahaha

Pardon the last video quality we lost footages but we tried to save this episode also hahaha

Okay hope you will watch all even if you never just click and share la okay?

Okay I will TRY and blog more often but no promises LOL Okay see you again BYEBYE :D


Samsung S5 Sponsored Review

Monday, June 23, 2014 @ 8:13 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Hey guys its been a while since you last see me!

So as you may know from my recent Instagram post I got myself a SAMSUNG S5 LTE! Never in my life that I would've thought that I will get an ANDRIOD phone after using iPhone for the past 5-6years! Hahaha


So here's my CHIO Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE in Charcoal Black!

Hahaha seriously I love it so much I had to protect it with a layer of screen protector to take photos with it HAHAA

So many of you might already know how good the phone is etc etc from reviews online and by reading it from their website... So now I'm going to let you know my review on the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE...

As you know, to me, photos are the most important thing in my life. Therefore the first thing I checked with the phone was the FRONT CAMERA.


I mean the front camera is so important

If not how to take nice selfies!!! Hahaha and to my surprise, the new Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE actually has this special function called



Not just that it's an effect that beautify your face to have flawless skin, it brightens your pictures too!

And the good thing about it is that there are 5 levels to the Beauty Mode!

Level 1 to 5.
1 being the lowest and 5 being flawless

So here are some shots that I took with normal light conditioning so that you guys will know how it looks like normally :


With beauty mode I can take photos like anyhow I want and still look flawless HAHAHAA


see smile until so happy HEHEHEE


Happy until overflow LIAO ahahahhaaa 


EH. WHERE'S MY BEAUTY MODE. HAHAH can you see the difference? With and without beauty mode. There's such a big difference man! 

Bad thjng about beauty mode is that if you use it too much you will become heavily dependent on it HAHAHA

Next up is of cos the back camera!


Good thing about the back camera is that it has selective focus


Took this sample photo at the meeting that day look at the product within less than a second! The Fast Auto Focus feature allows me to take photos in 0.3 seconds, and with Selective Focus, the background is blurred away while the front object is sharpened, creating depth in the photo!

It's so clear!!!
And also there's this cool real time HDR function that can brighten your photos when there's a backlight.


Before HDR


and AFTER. Can you see the difference? The first image is obviously very dark and blurry compared to the second one! Second one is whiter and with the features being more clear it will be easier for you to edit your photos with other cool photo apps! Haha

So here's me trying to compare the HDR and Non HDR mode....


Without HDR


with HDR. Oh dear it's so obvious that with HDR is clearer and makes the whole picture look nicer too oh my god AHAHAHAHAA I'm so happy!!!!

And the next thing I find very intersting is that you can take photos like this : 


Ignore my just wake up de face but hey look there's a dual camera you can use front and back and take photos at the same time! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? HAHAHA you can actually fake like you're trying to camwhore then you take photos of people from the other side can stomp them leh HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SO CLEVER HOR ME LOL!!! 

Okay enough with cameras let's take about something else which is more important HAHAA


The private mode function! 

I know right. A lot of you nowadays purposely download apps to private photos that you don't want other people to see.. Honestly to me it's not very useful la cos I have nothing much to hide HAHAHAAH!! Okay but for the people out there who wants a private mode to keep your photos here it is :


You can actually do many patterns like not just your pass code maybe your thumb print or a pattern shape can be the pass code! For me I like passcodes in numbers HAHAA SOOO....


Here is the normal photo gallery without private mode and once you key in your passcode here it is :


So I've actually unlocked hellven's secret private photos! HAHAHAHAHA want to see is it? Guess my passcode lor HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

Next up is what I guess Samsung is focusing on this new product...


It is the Enhanced S Health App which promotes health awareness!

With this app, you get access to various Exercise modes and even real time fitness coaching!

Well, as many of you know… I used to work at the gym and I used to do seminars with health promotion board so trust me when I say that it is very important for us to always keep fit and stay healthy.


This is the S health Menu which you can record many things in your daily life like walking steps and exercising!


This is your profile page which will show your your BMI ! Oh my god in fat as hell AHAHAHAA


There is also this special built-in Heart Rate Sensor at the back of the GALAXY S5 LTE, which tracks our heart rate and optimizes workout routines to achieve our fitness goals.

Take a look at my resting heart rate HAHAHA means I'm healthy COS I EXERCISE HAHAHAAHHAHA!!!!

ALSO, The GALAXY S5 LTE also comes with a set of specially curated third party content and services via GALAXY Gifts (worth over US$500). So what is GALAXY Gifts?

GALAXY Gifts are essentially applications that GALAXY S5 LTE users can download and use them in their daily lives, and some examples are: Lark and Run Keeper. These applications are especially useful for those fitness junkies who are looking for recommendations on how to be fitter and healthier.

Of ‘cos I won't say everything out here if not you wouldn't be able to explore liao! Hahaa

Okay so here's another feature of this amazing phone : 





Every time I take the MRT from my house to town, my phone from 100% will drop dramatically till 60%.
That's so much battery life I know you can say… Eh portable charger?

NOOO you know sometimes there will be time like this when you FORGET TO BRING YOUR PORTABLE CHARGER OR FOR GOD SAKE BROUGHT YOUR CHARGER BUT NEVER BRING YOUR CABLE OUT. (which I did last week FYI ) and like your phone is dying on it's way.

Really, this is so important and with this awesome function.. It can make your phone last for a long time! 


This function allows you to still be able to use your phone with limited apps (limited but still got fb and twitter leh) and can make you last for like a few days! Think about it remember the movie ' 
BURIED' IMAGINE YOURE TRAPPED IN A CASKET! You need your phone to survive and please lor I used to say ' if I were to be in the buried movie I would've died without a few hours if I brought my iPhone along ' HAHAHAHAHAA

One more thing about the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE is that it is water and dust resistant (IP673), because of its special rubber-sealed cover that keeps out dust particles and water for up to 30 minutes after being submerged in water of 1 meter depth.

Okay then they also have this awesome feature called Download Booster:


You can now use two connections (your house WIFI and your own 4G connection to download stuffs ) which means it will be up to 3 times as fast and of cos using your 4G plan to download files is very eh.. Money consuming hahaha but you know impatient people like me will do it because to us. Time = money ! AHHAA

And if you still need one more reason to start your journey with the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE, it’s the GALAXY Life Application: With the GALAXY Life, Samsung users have exclusive access to a community of special discounts and offers to a wide variety of retail merchants! ONLY FOR US LEH. SO SHIOK!!

So, I've come to the end of my Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE review and I really hope that it helps you with the knowledge of the phone! Good luck and hope you enjoyed reading it!


Citrus LifeStyle @ Scape

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 @ 3:09 AM | 0 Comment [s]

For the first time ever, Citrus Media presents the very best of its four titles in one single occasion. Wholesome living is at the heart of everything we do. Discover true style and opulence for the ultimate blissful matrimonial unions; revel in the joys of sharing a home with our animal companions; and grow with the our vibrant and ever-changing local hospitality and F&B scene. Citrus Lifestyle celebrates the essential and empowering aspects of personal lives and businesses, while presenting out-of-the-box solutions tailored for your everyday needs.

Join us for an educational, informative and rewarding experience at SCAPE where we celebrate the all-encompassing spectrum of Citrus Lifestyle!
Held over three days right in the heart of Orchard Road, Citrus Lifestyle is set to enchant, educate and entertain with our fun-filled programmes. Bridal boutiques will auction off their pre-owned gowns at sure-sell prices, while showcasing their collections at the same time. Clubpets merchants will present the latest in pet fashion, pet food, and pet accessories as well. Citrus Lifestyle celebrates the essential and empowering aspects of personal lives and businesses, while presenting out-of-the-box solutions tailored for your everyday needs. Join us for an educational, informative and rewarding experience at SCAPE where we celebrate the all-encompassing spectrum of Citrus Lifestyle!

(Further details about the events below:)


Magical Transformations
Featuring the very best professionals, products and services of our local wedding industry, Magical Transformations will be one experience that is bound to enchant. Revolutionise hair & make-up workshops, and exclusively designed gowns modelled on the catwalk. Get the wedding dress of your dreams starting from $188 at the Grand Auction, where home staples, childhood montage packages and more are going off at jaw-dropping prices.
A world of premium and novel wedding essentials awaits, offering everything from pre-wedding photography packages to pre-marital and financial counselling. Also stand to receive lucrative prizes and deals at Magical Transformations. Visit blissfulbrides.sg for more details.


clubpets United Join us for a romping good time as we bring exciting goodies and activities to Playspace @ SCAPE. Sign your dog up for our record-breaking Mass Doggie Solemnisation Ceremony, check out the latest doggie outfit trends at our Dog Fashion Show, and much more! It’s also going to be the largest Pomeranian gathering in Singapore, so don’t forget to bring your dear Poms down to hang with their furry friends. Note: all doggie and feline friends are welcome! Visit /clupets.sg for more details.


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