My Chiropractic Journey

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Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me! 

The time has finally come for me to reveal what I've been doing ever since one year back. Back in December 2013. I went to host a health show at this clinic called Pinnacle Chiropractic. The clinic did some X-Rays scans on me and to take some photos of me.
and this is how a healthy spine should look like :


Here's mine in comparison :


During the show the chiropractor told me that I have a subluxation of stage 1.5! Subluxation in short means Spine Decay. Obviously I was quite shocked but the doctor did tell me that subluxation happens to everyone. It's just a matter of whether its decaying faster or not. 

Guess what. I was only 20 years old and stage 1.5 means my spine decayed of a 30+ years old person. 

There are 4 stages of subluxation and im not going to bore you with the terms. Stage 1-3 means you're relatively safe but as for stage 4 means you're too late (like cancer) need to do surgery liao. 

Im not going to scare you but stage 4 of subluxation means that the gap in between your spine bones merged together which means your spine will lose the flexibility to bend. So you tell is this serious a not? And one thing that many people will misunderstand that spine decay does not happen only after time. It happens to things you do in life, in regards to emotionally, physically, chemically and so on. 

1 mindset that everybody will have is that when you feel the pain then go consult a doctor. But in actual fact when you actually feel the effects of subluxation it already mean that its processed for a decade of time and its because of not correcting it which leads to the many problems that you have. A few effects of subluxation includes, diarrhea, shoulder aches and even insomnia. 

And coincidentally I have been having diarrhea everyday for YEARS. And insomnia for a period of time. Shoulder aches I get that quite often too. I thought all these were just mere little things that is happening because it's happening. But I didn't know it was the cause of something even bigger. On top of that. I have posture disorder : 


(Pardon the photo la okay, taken one year plus ago de)

Just look at this shit I guess many people may not realize but your spine and neck should be go by the curve of the blue line. And the red line represents my spine. IT IS JUST WAY TOO OFF!!!! I was really in shock to see that and to tell me that I have posture disorder is just too scary! My posture disorder is Forward posture. Which means that my neck on words is shifted forward not aligned to the shoulder and spine. Worse still my pelvis are shifted one higher than the other side!

They should be aligned and they weren't! And my spine tilted In a degree inwards whereby my left shoulder became higher than my right shoulder and its pretty obvious!

So after the first scan and all the doctor performed the adjustments on me. And it works magically... I immediately felt better although the first adjustment I had sores after the adjustments but I can feel that the tension on my shoulders were released! It's like massage but faster and more effective!! 

So after the filming the doctors were so kind enough to sponsor the rest of my treatment for the first phase of adjustments which is the period of 12months. 

For 12 months I've been attending chiro weekly, twice a week! It's really tedious because I will have to wake u early in the morning and travel all the way to their clinic which is in kovan!! And on days where I was staying in camp, right after camp i have to rush to the clinic and Rush back to camp before lights out at 10.30pm. People keep saying that im a half day soldier, I GENG and all that shit but they don't know this is such a tiring process to go through, and having said that every adjustment I go through i will feel at ease and relaxed which makes me want to sleep. So now I go in the morning i have to come back to work and I feel sleepy in the office!! 

Okay so let's cut the grandmother story short... Within this 12 months of chiro experience I had 1 Xray scan every quarterly. So this are my progress :




And after all this, I've finally came to the last day of my first adjustment. And this is my latest up to date Xray scan 

Wee, Kife - Lateral Cervical

Look at the before and after : 


YOU CAN TELL THAT RIGHT? The first photo which was taken one year ago showed that my neck spine is like shit its all jagged up and not soft where as the latest one is closer to the optima already AND IT LOOKS SMOOTH! It looks like a neck now in my opinion!! HAHA 

And of cos with that said, it makes the first phase of my chiro journey... Now im moving onto my second phase which is to maintain my spine and adjust it even close to the optima! 

I really thank Pinnacle Chiropractic for giving me this sponsorship. Never in my life that I think that its chiro would help me in a lot of ways. Now I don't get insomnia that much. I can sleep well at night and feel healthy again. Previously I looked tired and sick now I look more mature and I feel that I have more energy! If you feel the same as what j felt previously. I think you should try and consult a chiropractor and get your spine checked. Do remember that subluxation is a process that happens to everyone. For more information : 

Go to their website at www.mypinnaclechiropractic.com

Address : 

  1. 2 Kovan Rd. #01-04, Simon Plaza, 548008

    SeeYA in the next post :)

8 Types Of Chinese New Year Tragedy

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Valentine's nightmare no more

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Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me! 

acnes blog post


So today my topic will be about ACNES and Valentine's Day is around the corner! As you know, Im the ambassador for ACNES Mentholathum Singapore so recently they sent me some of their no.1 secret products to clear skin. 

acnes blog post2

So what is their no.1 secret? Haha no la its actually they are the no.1 brand in Japan! Haha gotcha :


Introducing you the New Acnes Anti Bacterial Patch 


The only pimple patch that have the power to kill your Acnes bacteria and zap your zits! 

This is how it looks like when you open the packet! 



Full of circle patches in different sizes for you to put on! Additionally there's a clipper for you to pick on the patch to stick on your face! 

So what's so special about this Acnes Patch? It looks like any other product that I've seen in the market already. 

Answer : Acnoplex with 4x pimple fighting power. Sounds cheesy but... It is the only pimple patch with anti-bacterial power to inhibit the growth of acne bacteria and decreases the risk of infection. 


(LOL the patch sticker look so small beside my face) 

Okay so how do you apply it on your face? Trust me it's quite idiot proof one la. Just not coincident that I did not have any pimple on my face when I did this advertorial so I decided to use photoshop to put a red dot on my face for your reference : 


Haha okay so I chose this area to apply the sticker. So you just need to paste over your pimple like this : 


TADAH! It's done! It's very easy!! And if you're worried that the sticker looks very obvious you don't have to because i enhanced this photo to show you clearer on if not you can't see it clearly!! I tried it on and asked my sister she said its quite seamless! But having said that of cos you still can tell that there's a sticker on your face la. But let you choose you want to show your pimple to the word or you want to stick a sticker that looks very close to your skin color? Haha


Afterall. People from far cannot see The sticker clearly la HAHAH! 

More about the Acnes Patch : It heal pimples by absorbing oil and pus. Best of all it treats pimples overnight and it is breathable and waterproof. 

I've honestly tried this product before reviewing that's why it took me so long to do this blog post. Well I should say I wore the patch out during the day at about 12pm and reached home at about 10pm at night. And guess what. Usual patches would've dropped off because oil will tend to get cogged up in the area BUT no!!!! This patch stayed on my face through and although there's a bit of oil clogged inside which is a bit visible but it still stayed on!! Best about it is that it can really swell off your pimples! 

I always have big acnes growing off from my face whenever I eat too ' heaty ' and my acnes are always big red and without the pus. So it is like a big Freaking red swollen object on my face. But with this patch it helps to reduce the swell and I think that's the most important part to me! If not the swell will be there for like 1-2weeks and super duper painful!! 


For people with problems like mine! This will be your absolute choice!! Grab your Anti Bacterial Patch now available at exclusive Watsons outlet in Singapore! What are you waiting for!!! Must buy before your date sees you with gigantic zips! Haha! 

See you with clear skin in my next post! Byebye! 

The Blogger Expose

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Throwback 2014

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Good Morning People!

(Notice its no longer 'Hey guys' LOL, 2015 something different!)

So its pretty much funny because I think I have like less than 10 posts for 2014, and now I am magically going to sum up my 2014. HA HA HA... 

Okay la I don't really blog nowadays I just blog for the sake of keeping memories and photos here so I think if you're not interested you can read more interesting blogs like : 


So before I start my throwback I would like to clarify that, a lot of you (xx's army) came to my blog and bash me, Say my english not good la, Say I'm stupid la, Say I dug my own grave la. lalala tatalala actually its been quiet this few days kinda miss the drama but well that was 2014.

Truth is - My English is bad. 

Another point is - SO WHAT?

I believe I mentioned like zillion times on my blog that my english is bad. (Okay don't know I got mention a not in case you crazy want to go read everything I wrote to see if I'm biting myself) And so what. Did blogger.com have this guideline whereby - YOU MUST WRITE GOOD AND EDUCATIONAL THINGS ON YOUR BLOG TO BE A BLOGGER MEH? OR like your ENGLISH must be good to be an influencer meh?

TRUE ENOUGH - My readers come to my blog I guess mostly for anime, and my weight loss story which I shed 12kgs within months...

kife wee weight

And don't come and tell me ' I only know you after I read xx's post ' I know I'm not famous. - again SO WHAT. Being an influencer means I must be famous enough for everybody to know then I can be one ma? - NO.


Okay enough of this 2014 saga which only happened in the last 1 week of 2014. I'm not some attention seeker, blogger to label and tag my post with any of that saga, IF YOU REALISE I DON'T EVEN TAG ANYTHING!

So let's begin with the top 10 keys in 2014 journey..... (ITS ALL ABOUT ME SO IF YOU WANT YOU READ DON'T WANT SUA. OKAY?)

Let me start of with my



hehehee sadly, My enlistment was like on the second month of 2014. I guess this 11months of absence from my blog made me feel like actually, I'M NOT A WRITER. I'm not here to impress anyone with my with my posts, But more of here to safe keep my photos. (fuck all of you that say you can keep your photos elsewhere. look at that url. it says THEKIFE.COM)

Army life was indeed HAHAA. Better don't comment much about it later you all screenshot and I kena from my side I DIE. HAHA But okay la. Its pretty memorable just that in my opinion as someone who is more exposed on the social network. Its damm tiring that I have to keep up with the events and such and also to tally up with my everyday life which is - ARMY.

But don't worry because My post its not just going to talk about GREEN. I feel like my life is still okay compared to normal army people because I still do a lot of things that is - HUMAN LIKE HAHA.

2) Acting 

So earlier this year I did a project called - 4mins save the world. I was told to act as the person who narrates the video.

AND I REALISE I HAVE TALENT TO ACT AS AHBENG. HAHAHAHAHAA. Okay la its very easy to act as the bad guy la. And paiseh, I don't smoke so I ANYHOW SMOKE BUT I SWEAR THE PART WHICH I SMOKED CORRECTLY WAS CUT AWAY. LOL (Ya this video is for haters - BUAY SONG AH. HAHAHA)

Either way its kinda like my first few times acting. So I'm pretty happy about it. LOL


Being casted as the male lead for a channel 5 pilot drama episode. This was actually my first time acting and I was really like super duper happy about it because acting is SO FUN. HAHAHA

And also being the Male lead for a Drama series called [Perfect Kins] I really learn a lot and met a lot of people during this phase of my life. How to improve and what's not and of cos being happy that I finally found something which I like. Thank you all for being so supportive and thank you so much for giving me the experience of a lifetime - You know who you are!



Something new added to my list of target which is to become a brand ambassador. And I am so proud of myself that I could actually endorse in an ad. I'm really grateful and I feel very happy about it. I see standup posters and magazine ads, news ads! Heehee love it although I'm not really in love with the photo LOL.



HAHAHA Being botak for like almost half of 2014. I also get to experience wearing a wig for the first time. haha the above photo is me with a wig. NOT BAD LA HOR. LOOK PRETTY REAL LOL. I really really appreciate cosplayers now. Because wearing a wig is really SO FUCKING ANNOYING. It really like can make me feel moody and all just by wearing it. HAHA



I don't know if I will EVER be in the anime scene again because of the whole saga. But I was really happy that I could be part of Anime Matsuri Last year, My 4th Year in a row. Although I didn't attend AFA Indo due to army. If I ever get the chance to go AFAID in 2015. I PROMISE YOU I WILL GO!!! Just simply because working there is so fun and I really love chatting and talking with you pretty people a lot!

6) Hiccup on magazine

I SWEAR TO GOD. This is like my dream come true. I really really wanted to have a shoot with hiccup and I swear this is just so... memorable. And I am so happy that I've gotten the chance to shoot with hiccup and be featured on a magazine. BTW, I also created an account for Hiccup on instagram. HAHAHA @thehiccupwee <---- Follow if you want. HAAHAHA



HAHAHA I know this is irony. I know that the leaked chat make it seem like I'm just fooling around that she is my idol. BE IT AT A GOOD CAUSE OR NOT. NO DOUBT, FUCK SHE IS STILL MY IDOL, AND SHE READ MY SHITTY BLOG, along with the underdogs. The rest of you haters can hate all you like. To be really really really honest (In case another chat leaks out) I am her reader, and I love the way she writes. Although I hoped that we could like 'me in a nicer way than this whole expose saga' but nvm la. already like that liao, so I'm just glad that my idol noticed me and I hope that she doesn't hate me because I REALLY FUCKING LIKE HER. I SWEAR!!!! - and although to you this whole thing might be FULL OF SHIT. BUT TO ME ITS LIKE STRIKING LOTTERY, I don't hate her, the only person I hate from this saga is that 'made in china' (not trying to say bad things about china people I love china people except for him) - BITCH PLEASE ~  BUT XX, I'M STILL A FAN OF YOURS!!

8) Cheesy Chips Chips

Starting a business is difficult, writing scripts, filming, editing is laggi best! I write my own scripts, find location, cast the people, film the scenes, edit the videos ALL BY MYSELF (filming sometimes with the help of other people) its damm tiring. BUT ITS WORTH IT!!! The joy and laughter you get from being onset is something money cannot buy. I look forward to many more videos and collabs! SUBSCRIBE IF YOU HAVEN'T OKAY HAHAHA!

Indeed acting not good, sound like shit, not funny & a lot more. But nothing can stop me from my passion and I will try and continue to improve more and more!!! stay tuned okay!!!

9) Kifinanas

I don't know why you all support me, may because I'm handsome? HAHA but thank you all for the support you gave me, despite the hate comments and the saga, you choose to believe in me and support me til the end! I know I have you all and I'm glad that you stood by my side when people say I don't have anyone to rebut to help to support me, WELL I DO. Because I know that I have you pretty people. You people are the reason why I drag myself to blog, to insta post to do videos. You people are the inspirations to my work. Despite all the bad things about me, you people love me & I love you too.

10) FRIENDS & FAMILY                                                    


This year many many things happened... I am just really glad that when things turn bad, you people sent your regards to me... There are so many of you to fit in this small little 1024x683 pixel photo so if you're not inside, don't get upset because you should know where you stand in my heart. Although I'm a very strong person, sometimes I am sad I will need people to listen to me, and thank you all for lending me your ears whenever I need it and occupy me with your precious time when we don't really have much to talk about. Thank you for being a part of my life! I look forward to many more concerns when new saga appears. LOL JOKE. HAHA

To Gushcloud, I don't know if it will last, but I just want to tell you people that you guys are good people. We are all humans and by nature we are bitchy people... That doesn't mean you are evil/bad people. I trust people easily... and I hope that this trust that I put in will be worth while! We will survive this saga together! And whatever things I said in the past to destroy your reputation, I can only say - Let bygones by bygones... I look forward to many more fun and enjoyable time with you all. Thank you for trusting me again :)

I am not a blogger. I am an influencer and I'm proud of being one. Haters gonna hate. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger! LOVE THIS QUOTE HAHAHAH

And here closes the end of 2014.

Seeyou in 2015. which is now. lol


What's your problem?

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Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me.

I've just read a blogpost this morning from one of my favorite blogger, our dear blogger queen Xiaxue (don't worry I still like you and I like you more than dash to be honest)

*and not to say I'm a kinda a fan of her and took photos back then with her in 2013 :


*look I STILL BOTHERED TO PHOTOSHOP HER FACE TO MAKE HER LOOK PRETTIER SO (Actually she is considered pretty) HOR I REALLY LIKE HER A LOT. Okay back to topic :

Before I begin, I must say : MY ENGLISH NOT GOOD ONE AH, So you want to read or not is your problem. Don't correct me for my grammar mistakes, I got C6 for it, AND I DON'T FIND THAT A PROBLEM. LOL

You were my inspiration to blogging and now you inspired me to write something about you too. (Not trying to be sarcastic)

Normally I can't be bothered to response something in a blogpost but then this time round I just want to say my piece and I won't be letting my managers in Gushcloud or anyone else to vent through my post because you all want truthfulness right?

Well and the title is pretty much the very sensitive topic about 

The Big Gushcloud Expose 

Some of you might not know that Im also one of Gushcloud's Exclusively Signed bloggers. (In case Xiaxue sees this, YA im also another nobody so you don't know LOL) 

To be honest, I was already signed to Gushcloud when it was still called the Barnet's Group (forget how to spell) and at the start I've always been complaining about how my pay cheques are delayed and all that sort of nonesense which made me partly, dislike Gushcloud. I can also be very honest with you that, I've said so many bad things about the company to people, and I guess words does spread into leading this blogpost of hers. (Im not trying to say that what I said made her write this post ah, im saying MIGHT BE just that 1% minority in case you all backlash me! #imnotstupidtoo LOL) 

I looked into this situation and instead of telling you guys in defense (aiya you all confirm say we trying to defense). Let's talk about how 'friends' you made in this industry.

In the blogspot. I saw Eric's Email being leaked out by Miyake. Do note that back then they were still friends, and I guess Eric was kinda pissed that he was told not to mention that the blogpost was an advertorial.(I assume one ah, I know him I know miyake but I never ask any of them) OKAY....

I almost got tricked by this faggot from N, to give you screenshots too. You dug a dead hole for me to jump and bury myself, LUCKILY I DIDN'T JUMP IN. You jolly well know yourself and I feel Eric, Because you know, how much you believed in that fucker and he betrayed you - JUST LIKE THAT, really makes me think that what kind of people you can meet in this industry.

*Someone said before : Keep your friends close, Keep your enemies closer* 

You people, aren't fit to be called friends because these are the measures you can take to betray someone.

And Before I go out of topic I want to say this : 

Client goes to a company and they pay for their ads, they get to choose what they want us to say, AM I NOT RIGHT? 

This is just an advertising practice that EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING OUT THERE. 

We live in 2014, everybody know that these are marketing tactics so please Xiaxue, Didn't you draft out your postings before you publish because your client want to vet through too? 

Didn't you accidentally posted something to proof what you said wrong?

Yup. Your Advertorials aren't vetted through by your clients? YOU KIDDING ME. NOT. So is this being honest to your readers when what you taught us through the decade about being HONEST and you being HONEST :

Source from Xiaxue.sg

'You let your clients vet through your post, and EDITED for you' So I can assume that they edited your thoughts and posted for you too?

I'm not blaming you for that, because this is what the client wants, so my question of doubt is that, Client want us to mask ads, we 'lied' because we masked the ad, Your client edited your post and you posted the edited version, didn't you lie too?

And here is my second question :


Source from Stomp*

You never photoshop your photos?

But let's all have some knowledge about this post that you did. If I'm not wrong, this advertorial is about losing weight by drinking the detox done what shit la.

so you photoshop your photos to make yourself look skinnier, prettier, healthier and post it as an ad.


You're showing your viewers that wow ' this is a pretty, skinny xiaxue ' after drinking the detox, thus making them believe that the skinny mint works, AM I RIGHT TO SAY THAT TOO? (As a Viewer point of view)

And But back to what you stated :


Source from Xiaxue's Blog*

My question of doubt is, Are you being honest? Yup, you are because you did tell everyone that your photos are photoshopped and your viewers know that too. But if you kill someone and you go to the police station and admit to the police that you killed someone... Does that mean that you didn't do anything wrong? (OLD ANALOGY BUT STILL WORKS ITS THE SAME)

HOWEVER. I'm also not trying to expose you right now since you're also exposed online already. I just hope that everyone in this world know that THESE ARE JUST MARKETING TACTICS AND HOW PEOPLE ADVERTISE.

If Masking an ad is lying to your customers, that what makes photoshopped photos to make your skin looks soft, brighter and to promote your products right?

EVERY SINGLE AD YOU SEE OUT THERE RIGHT NOW, ARE ALL PHOTOSHOPPED. Be it skincare, be it anything. So they are all lying too. AND EVERYBODY KNOW THAT ITS FAKE WHAT. Its just advertisement.

So I don't see the point of the blogger just following what the client wants got anything to do with cheating, because clearly. EVERY AD OUT THERE CHEATS. BECAUSE THE GOAL IS FOR YOU TO BUY THEIR STORIES. And yet, it works.

So you don't have to make a big fuss out of this. like seriously la. And I'm really very very impressed at your 1 year of artwork because it takes SO MUCH work and effort for a person, and as a reader I GIVE THAT TO YOU. You're still the best, because you're our Blogger Queen.

*And I have to put a disclaimer, I'm not trying to harm anyone here, I'm just voicing my opinion, because I feel this way, I feel that you people shouldn't just read and assume and be all negative about something when this is just a common practice in our world.

Let's say today its not about Gushcloud, I will honestly tell you that I can't be bothered to write a post like this. But its somehow related to me, AND THEY DID NOT ASK ME OR PAY ME TO WRITE THIS. ITS ON MY OWN ACCORD. THANK YOU.

I still believe in Gushcloud, I have #FaithInGushCloud because I know that, they are friends like family now to me. And I can't just stand there and see people trying to break my family, when you know nothing at all. (Not that what you read online was all true?)

LASTLY, You can trust and believe what you want, but xiaxue once said : ' Don't trust anything you find on the internet ' and up till today. I'm still holding onto that.

Seeya in my next post BYE.
*I never bother to re-read what I wrote so CONFIRM HAVE TYPOS AND SPELLING MISTAKES.

Somewhere over the rainbow

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Hey guys I know right its been a trillion years since I last blogged something... HHHAHAHA

Well I really had no time for blogs anymore and I guess blogging is a dying trend in Singapore already. But then again, how can I claim myself as a blogger when I don't have a blog that I use to update? haha

Not really. My motive of this post is to create memories for myself. HEHEE..

*I hate blogger's new interface like so empty and not nice one agrh!*

So that day I went for a couple photoshoot. My first ever try out of having a 'girlfriend' in my shoot.


So after i POSTED this photo on instagram. A lot of people came and asked me whether is she my girlfriend. hahah She is my Model for this shoot and I personally contacted her to do this shoot with me because she has what I want as a girlfriend material, in terms of looks la... so ya you all always like to ask me right. What type of girls I like. This type of face one lor my type. hahah

If you all followed me everywhere. Especially on my fb, Twitter. You guys should see and know that I've been having a lot of drama in my life lately. 

Before I start everything I say here is PERSONAL. So back then quite awhile ago I met a new friend. She was a very nice girl-friend of mine. Please be reminded that she is only a friend of mine. 

As time goes by... She started to fall into darkness and by darkness I meant jealousy. Whichever friend I mixed with she will be very jealous of it and she don't admit that she is jealous of it. A lot of times we quarrelled because she was jealous but I just ignored that fact because I'm not interested to entertain people like that. 

Then. She started to use ' best friend ' as an excuse to everything. She claim that she treated me exceptionally well. I'm the VIP of her life. If I were to call her down everywhere she will come for sure. And yes indeed she is a very steady friend whenever I needed her she will be there and thus sums up to the ' VIP ' part. But what she is over reacting is whenever I mix wth my friends. Especially new people I meet. She start to think that I am not bothering her, I've changed and came to comfort me a lot of times regarding this matter. My answers to all  of them are the same and that I did not change.

But because this friend of mine, she is god-level when it comes to creativity. She will think a lot and assume a lot, and even accuse me of assuming things all the time and to put it in a way, pin pointing things to not realistic not related and very over exaggerated. 


Most importantly, claiming that everytime we quarrel... I will badmouth about her to everyone which reflects very bad of me, and also accuse me of saying things about her via my social media platforms. NO DOUBT.. I did say her before on my SMPs previously sometimes I do. But in recent months i guess from a few months ago I never said anything about her anymore.. Sometimes even when it comes to lyrics and throwbacks she will think that im saying her. She became so overly sensitive of whatever I post and whatever I do. Worse still she doesn't admit it and say that I think too highly of myself. But the truth is... I really DID not want to post anything about her anymore because I'm sick of this woman and I want to get over her and go with my life. 


Sometimes life is like this... You cherish someone and that someone doesn't cherish you. I honestly had this kind of experience before thus I would never do it to my friend. Whatever she claims and whatever she is saying it's because she likes me. And that alone is put our friendship at risk. Well honestly speaking she claim that I treated her extremely well previously and I treated her like shit after knowing a new of mine, which is a guy I will name him Amber. 


She went crazy whenever I go out with amber, want to like question me about whether im dating him and accusing me of having a love affair with him etc etc etc. At the end she claim that oh she is just a very caring friend and that she wants to save me from being gay. But the truth is. It's not like that. 


Even when I go out with friends that I knew for the longest time. She will also get jealous saying that I will only cater my weekends to them and only my 3 hour short weekdays night time for her... Always comparing how bad I treated her and such. 

She even said that I used to send her morning MSGS all the time and now no more and said that I used to send goodnight msgs and now no more too.

She would even say that I would say goodnight and later on still appear online on my whatsapp chat. Which friend in the world would do that? Stalk my last seen.. You know it's okay to stalk but she claim that she didn't (she say that oh just nice she want to type something to me and she still saw me online.. oh please)

I'm sick of your lies. Friends would get pissed when they see peolle last seen them and make a big fuss out of it ALL THE TIME. Friends will only say like EH why you last seen me and wouldn't really get bothered about it. Only when your boyfriend last seen you then you will get bothered by it.


What's worse is that she will always have a zillion reasons to whatever she do. I met a new girl recently. Whenever I post something about me and this girl, she will create shit in my life. And she claim that it's nothing personal. Whenever we quarrel she will use work as an excuse to fault me. It's pretty much ridiculous and she still don't want to admit that she is like this. Maybe she doesn't know tht she is twisting stories and making people believe her side of the story but the reason why I'm doing this blogspot is to tell you this.


I can't be bothered over whatever you do because I had ENOUGH. Friends are not like this. I'm not your boyfriend you're not my girlfriend, you're not my mum, you're not whatever you were just a friend. And I had to say this and it might sound very mean... Friends do care for one another, best friends care, VIP friends care.. Whatever friends should care. But whatever you're doing, you're caring TOO MUCH. AND TOO OVER. It's not caring anymore it's controlling. It's jealousy and it's very disgusting.


I always tell you this. I don't need you in life. You can leave you should move on. I don't tell that to my friends. Only you. Because I don't want to be in a relationship with you. We can be friends and nothing more and if you can't accept that fact you should move on. That's why I always tell you to leave because I want your heart to be dead over me. (Well iG guess after this someone will still be thinking that i think too highly of myself) 

But whatever. Highly or not whether am I feeling the correct way or not. This is my piece this is my life. 


I will never let a presence of a woman that I don't love change my concept and try to interfere with things that I do, especially with my friends. The number one thing that made me want to write this post is to tell you that I treasure every fucking friend of mine out there. 

I do get jealous of i cherish the person more but I don't control my friends and interfere their lives because I love them as friends, and nothing more. 

Don't come and lecture me how I should be and how I should learn to appreciate my friends. My friends love me. Oh regarding to that...


I change cliques often and I move on whenever the next available friend is free to mix with me. That doesn't mean thati don't treasure nor cherish my friends. I love them and of cos I bitch about the whenever I feel that I cherish them and they don't appreciate it. I admit I badmouth them all the time, even my best friends that doesn't mean that I am an evil person. And I'm very clear of that, that my friends are aware of me badmouthing them. Because they should know the reason why I badmouth them, it's because I care a lot. If not you think i would waste my saliver to even mention them in my life? NO?


At this point of time I just had enough of her already. I don't wish to carry on this friendship anymore because it's not a friendship it's a very disgusting love and hate relationship. If you look back at your actions. Please reflect whatever you did, trying to make your stories real and believable to your kins is really a talent. Sorry that I can't be your perfect boy-friend (or VIP friend that you claim) because I have a lot of more important friends, gay or not is my business, in a relationship a not is my business not. You shall not interfere with my life, shall not bother me anymore from this utmost point onwards. 


Lastly. This is not a hate post. This is a summary of what I've been through for the past year. It is all personal. And whether you like it or not is my fucking business because this is my fucking blog. If you think that saying bad things about her on MY blog is a bitch move. You should save the comments for yourself. I've already mentioned. This is not a hate post and I do not wish to harm anyone in any sort of matter. 

And I'm not blogging or writing down the person's name on this blog so her life is saved and so as her reputation. I am not sayig that loving someone is wrong. Liking/loving isn't wrong but her actions and whatever she did back then were all wrong. I'm a 21 year adult. I'm not a kid. I don't need someone to lecture me about my maturity because I had put in a lot of thoughts to writing this post. And I know that SHE WILL READ IT. I'm not walking one big round to tell her that she is a bitch and she suck. I'm just saying that her actions are really disgusting and I can't stand it. 

Okay that's all for my comeback post. I will try to post more in the future *haha don't know bluff you all how many times already say will post more but never* 

But I will be doing productions for my cheesy chips chips for you all to watch YA! Do watch okay :) 

Photo credits 
Model - Lyndelim
Photographer - LionelLim 
Makeup and hair - Clairwee

*lastly I would also like to add this that this blog post is only personal. 


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