Sunday, April 26, 2015

Picnic Day

Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me!

Haha haven't been blogging for a week because I have been DAMM busy with work and like I go home everyday after work to do more work so decided to relax this weekend and held a small gathering with my poly friends! Haha 

We went to Yio Chu Kang Jetty because Shawn wanted to fish! Sigh! He ahpeh already! So young like to this this kind of stuff! Haha 

Supposed to meet at 1pm! End up all of us late except for Lynde, she reached at 12.30pm the rest came at about 1.20-1.40pm LOL!! 

We all made some dishes for the picnic and here's an overview of it : 

Hehe we made the food amount is about just nice! I'm in charge of drinks so I bought sunskist orange juice and this Kiasu China guy told me that if I buy at another place there's a promo to buy one and get a free mixed berry yoghurt juice worth $2.95! Haha sorry to say after reading this post the promo confirm wnd Liao LOL!! And of cos I also Kiasu ma so I went to buy lor ahahah!! Here's a showcase of the food we made! 

Lynde's MUM cooked this! Not her LOL

What's picnic without FRIED STUFFS!! Again Lynde's mum made this!! HAHA

I made salad and I guess it's nice? I think so la maybe 7/10? AHAAH

Toast! I love toasts! Made by Xiehang! 

Jonah's! He had some like chicken inside DONO wrap what de! But it's DAMM good and it's like a French or Italian recipe sia! High class de!

This layer of cheese inside its baked potatoes! It's superb! Jonah going to open a restaurant next time man!! 

Jiaren's Campbell soup - No comments. I'm the only one who drank it. HAHA

Caroline made this pancakes! I never tried it cos it's ehem... Not very appealing HAHA! 

Lastly, another dish made by Carol! Inside its chocolate with Oreo! It's a by sweet but it's not bad! 

Afterwards we just slacked because xiehang forgot to bring games and we rotted. Well the weather was playing a prank on us! Rained twice! Even rained the moment we step foot at the jetty! Wet lor!! 

Took some photos! Credit by Caroline! Hahha and of cos... What's a picnic without polorides! 

Hehe took so many failed ones this time round HAHAHAH! Looking forward to more with my beloved clique! 

Before I end this post would like you all to watch my latest video : 10 types of boys in school! We will be making a few sequels of the school episodes in the future too :) 

And of cos! See you next time :) 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy birthdays

Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me!

Well well well! It's been a very busy week for me! I have been editing videos and working everytime I reach home! Haha you will see my hard work paid off on this coming Wednesday!! Our brand new Cheesy Chips Chips episode will be out! But before that! Let me continue this blog post! 

It's April and full of birthdays! 17th was my Mum's bf's birhday. 18th was my grandmother's and tomorrow 20th will be my mum's!! 

So we had a small celebration at home that night : 

Well we are too cool for cakes so we used cupcakes! Ahaha no la cos only got a few of us LOL! Buy cake also no use HAHAHAHAHAA 

We had pizza/KFC for dinner and it was really short celebration AHHA! Aiya we are all old people nothing fanciful! 

Next up was 18th! Before my grandma's birthday we decided to take a few pictures below my house! So these were the shots taken :

Well it's Ryan And My Sis!! Haha haven't been taking photos with my sister. Hope there will be a collab soon! 

Next up : 

Lynde & I! AHHA so afterwards we headed to celebrate my grandma's 82nd birthday... Well I drew a picture of her and she really liked it! So happy!!! We had much fun there chatting and chatting everyone like grow up Liao easier to talk! So I shall just end off with some photos : 

May the whole family live healthily/happily ever after!! Buddha bless us! Hehehehe 

See ya!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Filming Day

Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me!

Finally! We took a one month's break not filming anything. (Well that's why you see all my reshoot photoshoots etc) because we were planning to do something different! 

Cheesy chips chips decided to make our channel multi-language haha! So you will be expectating like us speaking in Mandarin/English/Hokkien and even Malay.

It was pretty cool because I made the full cast of my ccc members except for Estelle (she is in a better place now aka korea) LOL! Okay wish her all the best for her work! 

These are my girls from cheesy chips chips. They may not be the best, or the prettiest, but each of them are special. At least to me. 

Haha so we head on and did filming etc with fellow UXM - A.K.A (Urban X'treme Monkeys) it's our first time having a collaboration with youtubers and its pretty interesting to be acting along with them! Haha!!

We really do look like a class full of weirdos!! We are moving on to a change for cheesy chips chips I hope you all will like it!! I must spend more time at home to do the editing for our videos man! Tiring!! Still have scripts to write!! Don't know when will I be free again to blog haha but ya... Hope that I can blog soon!

So stay tuned to our new episode soon okay? Subscribe to our YouTube channel @thekifeee ---> Click Here

See you in the next post :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A gift

Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me!

This is a short post about that day when I tried to buy a gift for my mum's birthday. Haha My sister and I were puzzled. Because we did not know what to buy for her anymore. It seems like she has everything she needs. 

But well as a son I still have my own ways haha so I headed down to town with my friend. I took some photos there but you know photographer bad ah. So the photos didn't turn out great HA HA HA. 

So I chose two photos and decided to post them here :

Me trying to act a bit korean-ish hahaha didn't really work out well. BLEAH. 

Here's another photo which took me very long to take LOL!! Okay back to the present I bought. So I went to Louis Vuitton (My Mum's fav brand) wanting to buy a wallet for her. I bought for her one LV wallet 3 years ago... But I realize her wallet was too small and doesn't have enough compartments for her therefore I went to research and decided to buy this wallet :

Louis Vuitton Anais Wallet

This wallet is just nice compacted. With 6 card slots and two money compartment and a coin compartment! 

I researched for quite a few months because my mum doesn't like long wallets and medium wallet doesn't look CHIO enough la Jahaa! 

This is mega chio! I bought from the boutique at ION. Trust me the sales person there was so sweet and nice. Offered me orange juice even when I look like someone who won't even buy their stuffs and they treat me politely and nice. This is not my first time there already their sales personnel is bravo!! Very good service!! 

Anyway my mum loved it I gave it to her as an early birthday present! Haha it costed me SGD$735. Okay la fairly reasonable!! 

My mum isn't feeling well the past few days. She is suspected to have early appendicitis! Hope she gets well soon if not need to undergo surgery man! Her birthday is coming I made a wish for her which is to be healthy all the way! Haha! 

Okay see you in my next post! 

Byebye :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Nothing Beats Old School

Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me!

Another short post! 

I went out with my long lost friend Wanyu! Haha we were like best classmates but then we kinda lost contact because of army. Just recently i randomly asked her out and she was okay haha! It was fun meeting out with an old friend! 

We went to marche to eat then took a photo here : 

Haha it is really no easy to take a photo using prime lens #selfie. Ahhaah!! Afterwards we walked around orchard and headed to TWG :

It's my first time there and I was amazed by the number of tea they serve. Really a lot man!

The tea pot really is cheat my feelings one! Haha like so big but pour about 3 cups then finished already. Really very little!! The cup is like those small tea cup not big ones okay!!! 

Hmm overall the service there was really not bad! When we didn't know what to order the waiter will help us with it and recommend us according to our needs! We ordered 3 cakes and 2 teas it was SGD$77+ hmmm. A bit too pricy the cakes aren't like normal size! They are small! And the taste is just about there... The Earl grey tea I would prefer Antionette's Earl Grey tea which is $1 cheaper than TWG's. Haha

Here's a photo taken by my beloved Wanyu! Haha can't wait for more meetups with her in the future! Shall end this post here! Haha 


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Twin Dates

Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me!

I went on a small little outing that day with Lynde and Jing. Haha went to chit chat and talk cock sing song haha! Took a few photos and ate some stuffs so decided to blog a little about it you might find this post short and boring. #warning haha!

So we went to Jurong point and decided to take a few photos there! Nothing much to take one la there like only grass nia but still managed to take a few shots :

Afterwards it became dark and we met up with Jing. And took a photo for her : 

Hahaha she act one EMO only! Afterwards we decided to dine in at Wadari. 
Their sabu sabu set quite expensive but the pig soup is DAMM GOOD!!! It's quite costly la! 

The bill was a wooping $101. Like for so little food it's actually kinda not worth eating la. 
But nevermind once in awhile only. Afterwards we went up to Bakerzin. 


Had a bit of dessert there untl everything close. Haha jurong point now renovate until very chio! There's HongKong, Japan, Korea and Malaysia streets in the mall! Haha it really looks very nice haha

Okay shall end my boring post HAHAH BYEBYE