Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Garden by the Bay X3

Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me

I know its been like 2weeks since I last blogged about something but you know I was pretty busy with filming lately and didn't even have time to update my Instagram with photos!

So that day I went to gardens by the bay for the third time and did a shoot with my girls. So here are the photos :

For people who think that ' oh you can only pay to go into the flower doom for a good picture, you're WRONG! haha A lot of the photos were taken outside. and like this grassy place that we took photos at is actually outside and its free haha just need to find your way to the specific places to take photos can liao!!

Photo quality isn't that good this time cos even the editing part I just like quickly edit and post here liao HAHA. So we went into flower doom and it was having like the goat display thingy nothing much to take but managed to take one with the house.

Okay that's the end of this boring post basically. HAHAHA there will be updates on this post soon! watch out for our new video :

Seeya ^^

Monday, May 18, 2015

10 types of Girls in School

Hey guys its been awhile since you last see me!

This is our latest video ' 10 types of girls in school '

Do take a look ya :) 

Seeya byebye ^^

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Exo Kai Makeup

Hey guys its been awhile since you last see me!!

Recently have been very busy with filming but I've prepared my weekends with filming cheesy chips chips hehe!

So meanwhile watch my two new videos

EXO Kai make up tutorial


Thanks for watching see ya!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Istana May Day

Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me!

It's another day of shoot at the istana! Ahaha this is what we do on labour day lol! The queue was crazy even when we reached there at about 8+ am!! Haha although I feel that it's quite disappointing because there isn't many nice background for us to take but nontheless we still managed to squeeze out something !! 

Haha honestly. It's just like that lor! A fountain, a building, grass and more grass. That's all! HAHAHA! But okay la that first photo at the building is really nice man!! 

Here's a yay to the success of our photoshoot! No la just trying to be lame because they failed a lot of times just to take this one photo!! Haha 

I took extra photos for myself this time because I complain that I always have the least photos LOL!! Most of the time I'm the photographer ok! I shoot for everyone de you see the difference a not! Haah afterwards we headed to Dhoby Ghaut for lunch. Dine in at Na Na Green Tea (I forgot the full name of the restrurant liao, oh but maybe I'm right) 

So here are the photos!! Hahaha we ordered their lunch set meal comes with their special green teas (which I didn't bother to take because we were too hungry) lunch set only SGD$13.90, normally their food range is SGD$13.90~SGD$17.90 liao drinks is about SGD$7.50/glass so for lunch set its pretty worth it! Or else you will be paying close to SGD$30 per meal, per person!!! 

Afterwards we walked down town area finding places to take photos but couldn't find a nice spot so we walked to bugis and took train from there towards JEM. Haha JEM has a garden for us to take photos so we took a few : 

Afterwards we found out that there's a nice staircase at the kid's playground! So we went to snap a few photos there too hehehe

After taking photos we went to sing song at Teo Heng which is ridiculously difficult to book (booked one week in advance) and sang at the top of our voices until now I no voice Liao HAHAHAHA!! It was a really fun day! 

Hope that there will be more shoots soon! Stay tuned to cheesy chips chips too ya :) remember to watch our bloopers!!

See ya! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Picnic Day

Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me!

Haha haven't been blogging for a week because I have been DAMM busy with work and like I go home everyday after work to do more work so decided to relax this weekend and held a small gathering with my poly friends! Haha 

We went to Yio Chu Kang Jetty because Shawn wanted to fish! Sigh! He ahpeh already! So young like to this this kind of stuff! Haha 

Supposed to meet at 1pm! End up all of us late except for Lynde, she reached at 12.30pm the rest came at about 1.20-1.40pm LOL!! 

We all made some dishes for the picnic and here's an overview of it : 

Hehe we made the food amount is about just nice! I'm in charge of drinks so I bought sunskist orange juice and this Kiasu China guy told me that if I buy at another place there's a promo to buy one and get a free mixed berry yoghurt juice worth $2.95! Haha sorry to say after reading this post the promo confirm wnd Liao LOL!! And of cos I also Kiasu ma so I went to buy lor ahahah!! Here's a showcase of the food we made! 

Lynde's MUM cooked this! Not her LOL

What's picnic without FRIED STUFFS!! Again Lynde's mum made this!! HAHA

I made salad and I guess it's nice? I think so la maybe 7/10? AHAAH

Toast! I love toasts! Made by Xiehang! 

Jonah's! He had some like chicken inside DONO wrap what de! But it's DAMM good and it's like a French or Italian recipe sia! High class de!

This layer of cheese inside its baked potatoes! It's superb! Jonah going to open a restaurant next time man!! 

Jiaren's Campbell soup - No comments. I'm the only one who drank it. HAHA

Caroline made this pancakes! I never tried it cos it's ehem... Not very appealing HAHA! 

Lastly, another dish made by Carol! Inside its chocolate with Oreo! It's a by sweet but it's not bad! 

Afterwards we just slacked because xiehang forgot to bring games and we rotted. Well the weather was playing a prank on us! Rained twice! Even rained the moment we step foot at the jetty! Wet lor!! 

Took some photos! Credit by Caroline! Hahha and of cos... What's a picnic without polorides! 

Hehe took so many failed ones this time round HAHAHAH! Looking forward to more with my beloved clique! 

Before I end this post would like you all to watch my latest video : 10 types of boys in school! We will be making a few sequels of the school episodes in the future too :) 

And of cos! See you next time :)