Story of a Crazy Woman

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Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me. Well it's sunday morning right now and I have nothing to do. Im on my phone so I've decided to tell you all a story. 

This is a personal blog post you can choose to read or not up to you. I must say its going to be long winded and full of grammatical errors. But nontheless if you're as bored as I do. Then hope you can bare with me a little. 

*This blog post is prepared for all my beloved friends. Because you people want to know my side of the story. Here you go. For people who is new to this story, no worries I got you updated.*

So a little background story of why I've decided to write this post. Well I just want to share my experience with you guys what I've been experiencing for the past 2 years. 

As the title says its a story about this crazy woman that I've met. So let me just name her - LCB. (Stands for OLD VAGINA) 

LCB and I met 2 years ago she was my working partner and also a mentor. At first there were this two brothers working with us, and they left the company which made LCB sad. She even cried on the train. Being a friend/colleague to her I didn't want her to be sad so i encouraged her and cheered her up and stood by her. 

Working with her indeed was fun. She crack jokes and making worklife as though we were having fun everyday. 

I didn't know what made her like me. But as time passed. She said I was being very nice to her. Whatever she do I will support her. Even when her script is bad I would say it is good. Even when her songs were bad I would say she sang well. I would also ask her out to shop/eat/movie because I treated her like a close friend to me. We also texted every night like how I do it with all my close friends.

I know LCB didn't have much friends and needed more attention so as a friend I try to make time for her.

Things took on a change when I got to know this guy. Let me name him. Amber. I spent a lot of time with Amber because Amber actually went through a very tough childhood and had a lot of problems which resulted him to drink and club almost every week. I wanted to help him. So I grew closer and closer to him. 

On the other side. Because of me growing closer to Amber. LCB felt that I neglected her, and would always scold me or give me attitude problems and she would say she wasn't. I don't really care about how she think of me. But she would utter crap like 

'You're gay with Amber. You disgust me. You know why you're disgusting? Because you're gay and you don't even dare to come out of the closet and keep denying that you both aren't together.' 

In addition she would say ' I will give you my blessing if you dated normally and be in a normal relationship not become gay. ' - bullshit accusing me again. 

At this point of time. I can already feel like she was being jealous and she already liked me. BUT she denied everything she just said I neglected her as a friend and she as my mentor have all rights to say me because being ' gay ' will affect my work. - Bullshit to another level. 

She would quarrel with me whenever im with Amber. Because i ' neglect ' her. There was one incident whereby we were working. We quarreled I said 'can you talk later? Im working!' And she as a superior went to cancel the work that day and the whole team had to cease work. Later on she claimed that it was a 'business decision' - fuck her la who also know she was being unprofessional. 

I've always told her not to mix personal life with work. But she would always say that she is a professional woman. She will never do it. But guess what, not just Me, the whole team felt the same. 

On serveral occasions she would also claim that she saw me with Amber and said that i lied to her that im not with him. (Why would I do that? Come on you're not LCB is not my girlfriend. I don't have to lie to her and escape to meet someone else) 

Also, I remember this VERY DEARLY. When she logged into my facebook account and read my personal messages with Caroline. And later on scold me for bitching her behind her back when she is the mother fucker that logged into my account without my permission and still dare to scold me without even feeling any bit sorry. I trusted her with my password as a friend and she betrayed my trust. Wtf is this.

Back to us, I did message her everyday and as often as possible because I knew she would get angry if I don't. And tried to make time for her to go out with her because I know she wants to hang out or she is lonely. But I've always told her that I have many friends. I need to cater my time to them too. 

As a start up of a new friendship, normally I would spend more time on it because we are working partners and we will need to know more about one another. So as time passes naturally I would feel that I kinda neglect my old friends I need to cater back some time for them too. 

So after awhile, Amber left Singapore to further his studies about slightly less than a year after we met. So LCB and I remained the same, arguing about ' friendship ' problems everyday. Sometimes we would even stop msging for a few days and then she would come back to me and start talking again. 

Things took to another level, when I talked about my ex girlfriend, let's name her Brie. (Haha brie is my favorite name) So on a occasion, I said that I have this feeling to write a song now. So she pestered me to write so that she can sing. As a totally new person to lyrics, I didn't know what to write about so I thought of okay. I shall write a song about my ex girlfriend and I. I wrote and she sang it. 

From that day onwards. Whenever I write a status or EMO caption. She would tease me that im missing my ex girlfriend whatever. But the truth is. I did not miss her any bit. I like to caption Emo stuffs because it gives the inspiration and a very good feeling to my photographs. So one day we quarreled and LCB said we should stop talking. Because she don't know how she is feeling now. 

She said she don't know if she had fallen in love with me a not. Because when I talked about brie, she would feel sour and she feel that one day im going to get married, I would leave her life and be with my wife. I insisted that this is not love. Well because I only treated her as a friend and I said she was having infatuation. I also said it is unfair to me if she leave me now because of her feelings because I've treated her as a good friend. I honestly cherish this friendship a lot. 

On one occasion, It was my friend's 21st birthday, let me call her Meinv. HAHA it was her 21st birthday and I knew that Meinv wanted a Michael Kors Bag. So I gathered my friends to chip in to buy that MK bag for her. I told LCB about how excited I was when I was about to give Meinv the bag. Just so coincident that LCB's birthday was just 5 days after Meinv's. I arranged a steamboat session after army camp to celebrate her birthday and my sis asked me to chip in to buy her a present. After celebration, i still have camp the next day, but instead I stayed until 12+ and sang at the KTV with LCB and friends. 

Guess what. After that day I received a LONG ASS MSG from LCB. she scolded me again!!!!! She say I didn't treat her as important as Meinv. Meinv's birthday i catered a full weekend day for her. And LCB's birthday I only did it after camp lack of insincerity. Whatever shit. And said that I don't even know what present my sis bought for her. WTF RIGHT? What kind of woman is this? Does she even know what is sincerity a not! I bought a freaking CHANEL wallet for her as an advanced birthday present in which later on we quarreled and she returned it to me! I lack of insincerity? ( In case she want to bite me now I would say I gave the wallet to miki as her birthday present in the end and she already know it :) ) how ungrateful this woman is.

So we talked things out and well life goes on until I met this girl on facebook, let's call her LL. LL resembles brie a lot. When I saw her photos online I was like omg so alike so immediately I wanted to meet her in real life. I was really curious how she would look like in real life la. Then we met and things went smoothly. 

LCB on the other hand got jealous. I use the word jealous because she is jealous but she don't admit that she is. Whenever I take photos with LL. She would give me a very bad reply on text and later on would send me a long ass message to scold me. Telling me how bad LL is. 

Apparently LL sent in a job application to LCB's company before. LCB as a stalker (she lives up to this title as the best detective) claim that LL has ulterior motives. LL wants fame. Want to get close to me. Even claimed that LL deleted her tweets that shows negative sides of her in order to make her image look positive and nice in front of me. Also LCB would always talk and link to LL which made a big fuss out of it resulting in a quarrel. 

In the end, I couldn't tolerate her nonesense anymore, i resigned and left the company. 

In this period of time that I left, she controlled all the workers that I BROUGHT IN. Telling them to not have any connections with me and also telling them that SHE WAS THE ONE THAT FIRED ME. - HA HA HA this is ridiculous to the max. I still have the email to proof that I resigned. But whatever you want to make people feel that I am a bad person that's why I got fired, then suits you, you happy can already. 

So after a few months of not talking to one another anymore. I led a happy life co-dating LL lah. But I felt that her personality clashes with mine. As both of us are hot headed people so I decided that HMM, maybe we are not suitable for one another. Although I did know and feel that LL likes me. (Not trying to be Buay Paiseh) But I have a good six sense and good useful sources to proof it too. 

LCB came back after 3months when the Gushcloud Expose happened and I was bashed by haters. 

LCB wrote a heartfelt message on her fb to clarify that Im a good friend and good person. Which really touched me. 

And so, she came back to my life and we started to chat like besties again. I really think that she got over the whole ' love ' situation and genuinely want to be friends with me. 

Needless to say, happy times will always come to an end. She began to be paranoid again. All these while when we got back. She was always Bitching and bitching about LL. Saying her disgusting LL is. Whatever. She would say that if I ever date other girls be with other girls she would bless me but I can't be together with LL because she is a girl with ulterior motives. 

She has been constantly not just bitching about LL but all my other friends which also include people that we are working with. She can tell me how bad their work is and me as a friend would ask her to fire them if they can't work which she use it as a point against me of being a bitch to ask her to fire people? Wtf. I even asked her to fire my own sister to save cost. It's business not personal, if your business is having monetary issue i would suggest you to cut cost on labour. THIS IS A REAL BUSINESS DECISION. 

So I had enough of her nonsense, Really fucked up, so I purposely lied to her that I liked this secondary school friend of mine (HEHEEHE i set a trap) 

Things got worsen when I said that she got really emotionally upset about it and said that I should've spared a thought for her because I know that she like me and still i tell her about girls that I like. Which prompts her to think, why is she not good enough for me? Why would I always like other girls and not her? 

- Bitch you're fucking old and fake that's why I dislike you. 

- and is disgusting for you to think like that. 

And so she stepped into my trap. She claimed that She would give me her blesisings if I date other girls. AM I RIGHT? But NOPE. She lied she didn't, she was upset that I liked other girls and not her. - GOTCHA BITCH

Saying that I like a secondary school friend of mine is like paying a bad price though, Because this time round she took one of my oldest friend. Let's just use her real name - Miki, into the game. On Valentine's Day. Miki received 99 roses by an unknown person. Which up til today also don't know who gave her those flowers. 

LCB jumped into the conclusion that I gave the flowers to Miki and I am her secret admirer and I don't dare to admit it - RIDICULOUS MAX. 

FYI - I've never EVER sent flowers to girls. When I told this to Miki and my close friends ALL OF THEN BURST OUT IN LAUGHTERS. HAHAHA. Because I will never give flowers to girls. 

So back to Miki, Miki had family problems so I went to this fortune teller for blessing. On the same day, Miki and I took a selfie photo which I really liked it and put it as my whatsapp photo. 

All of you guessed correctly LCB got JEALOUS. She sent me yet another long msg to scold me. Like usual im immune to her nonsense. 

She also claimed that she is not interested to know about miki, because they are not even friends, but guess what she texted one guy friend of mine and told him that miki is single ask the guy to date miki. WTF RIGHT?

On top of that she went to ask miki who sent her the flowers, and who is the guy ask to bring the guy out in which miki didn't feel like telling because LCB is a nobody to her. - so, didn't LCB said she don't want to know things about miki? Then why ask miki about the flowers? I thought she isn't even counted as a friend? 

- Full of lies, just like your face.

So I kinda argued my way through her and I don't want to continue bullshiting her nonsense with her until recently. Like literally 1 week ago. I went to see a fortune teller that LCB recommended me. Apparently, The fortune teller is very very accurate. 

So after the session with the fortune teller LCB asked me what the fortune teller said. - Note that she ASKED me what the fortune teller said. 

So I told her everything including this part : 

'Fortune teller said that i will meet my wife in 8days, this wife is someone that I had a relationship last year and had problems with it and coming in 8days things will be resolved and we will be back together.'

So I mentioned LL to the fortune teller because I told him that I didn't had any relationship last year so I said if the girl likes me does it count? And the fortune teller said yes it counts. 

On the very same day, LCB as a stalker like usual, saw me liking LL's photos and even saw me commenting. 

LCB got very angry and sent me a very long message which I will word by word show it to ALL OF YOU NOW : 

'Xihuan jiu xihuan. Bu xihuan wont always go po photos la or like people pics. Ni de poh wo hai budong meh. And wont keep pestering people la. It looks more like is she dont want u thats why u sore then say u dont like her ba. Like las time wendy like that. The fortune teller say she will come back only u ma shang excited pu lu for her to come back. I think u r the one that is always say and do differently ba. Zhen de hen er xin le. I rlly got xiang tu and yue lai yue jue de ni hen er xin. Gun ba ni. Actually u two hen pei. Hahahahahahaa if like still say dont like buhui er xin meh. Jus bcos ai mian zi like that say people buhui er xin meh. Everyday keep telling whole world she what n what amd u dont like her still go smp pester people buhui er xin meh. Dont like still ask fortune teller anout her buhui erxin meh. She dont wan u then come find me buhui er xin meh. Zhen de hen er xin. I zhu you all two er xin de ren kuai dian jie hun shen zi yi qi er xin dao lao. Aiyo i zhen de stupid for a v long time le. Tai er xin le.' 

In this message she claimed that If I don't like the girl, I shouldn't go like and comment their photos, and it is that I liked LL and she don't like me, so I am being sour and start to hate her and say that she is bad which makes me a disgusting person. Also said that if I don't like LL why would I ask the fortune teller about Her. 

Question 1. - who is LCB to me? why is she controlling my life so much. 

Question 2. - Oh I cannot like photos and comment as I wish? 

Question 3. - Which kind of 'friend', would send you this kind of message to mock you? 

Last Question - Do you think I am disgusting or her? 

Also, she claim that im disgusting to the max. Do you know how disgusting she is? She knew that I don't like her yet she went to ask the fortune teller whether we can get married a not and buy house with me. And even did a recording of the whole session to proof to me that it's true. On top of that, she also went to the temple and asked goddess whether I like her a not, because she thinks that I liked her but IM CONFUSED. WTF and goddess gave her a ' SHENG PEH' WTF. RIDICULOUS. Im confused that why do I even bother to be your friend and stay by you when you needed me. Ungrateful bitch.

Seriously. This kind of message from her is just another usual message that she sent to 'hurt' me. Haha im immuned to it I will always scan through only. So I don't really bother that much as I bothered in our first few quarrels. I am sick of this woman. 

Also, in regards to being 'professional'

LCB wanted to merge her company with my production and i rejected that offer because I don't want to work with her. All the members of my team also rejected this idea because all of them think that LCB is woman who will mix personal life with work. 

And guess what, she claim that I wanted to help her company but didn't. Making people think that Im a bad person. Come on, help is VOLUNTARY, you don't EXPECT me to help you. You just don't put expectations when people genuinely want to help you.

She would also brag to others about how pity she is that she sold her house in order to sustain the business to help us or ME in specific. Seriously you're good, you're good you don't have to tell everyone and make think that we are unfaithful people. You're that Mother fucking bitch.

In addition, on the day we quarreled she sent a msg to my sis to ask my sis to take her salary from me claiming that I owe her $300. - the fact is that she transferred $300 on my behalf to my friend which later on i transferred $300 to her for investment money and the investment money has already grew to a few more hundreds. So in literally meaning - she owe me money not i owe her even after deduction. She want proof not? I have bank transaction record. Anyway. It's not about the money. Yet again proving to me how unprofessional she is, mixing work with personal life. You go to a company to work, and you ask your employee to get money from the people that owe you money? Are you crazy? Besides I DONT OWE YOU ANYTHING.

I will never want to work with her anymore or related any of my work to her. 

Question me why I want to blog about this. Because I want you all to know that I AM THE INNOCENT PARTY. Whatever she claim of me, ARE FALSE and LIES. 

I said the whole story out now, LL will read, LCB will read all of you will know. You know why im clarifying? Because LCB texted my close friend Caroline 

She told Caroline that what I said are things that I come out with, and Caroline has no rights to judge her because she know nothing about our situation - indirectly calling me a liar. 

BULLSHIT. Caroline of all people know everything. I would always screenshot what LCB sent me and our conversation to Caroline. She don't know anything? 

Oh please LCB, you think im as boliao as you? I write those long messages and sent it to myself and scold myself so that Caroline will believe that you're a bitch? 

Whatever it is, the only reason why I kept quiet for so long, after LCB went on Twitter, Instagram, Social media to publicy scold me and call me a bully. Please la, people, who is bullying who? Will be pitiful being bullied personnel go on social media to scold a bully? Or is she just trying to gain people on her side to hate me. 

You've scolded me in the utmost ridiculous way and sense, calling me someone that make up stories and have no balls and gay. YA if Im such a douchebag I wouldn't sent all the mushy texts that you sent me to all your fucking friends and your child's friends. (Yes LCB has a child who is only a few years younger than me) You want to shame me. You can try. I've done nothing wrong, I've told you many many times that I don't like you, it is impossible for us to be together, you're that dog on the otherhand trying to stick your business into mine, telling me all your useless and self centered opinions. I've caught you lying to me on numerous occasions, I just don't want to expose you only. 

Honestly, I don't care about how each and everyone of you think of me. in this situation, some of you might think that im an asshole who told the whole story of this 'woman that loved me' to everyone. 

In my opinion, Im just stating all these out because I want to clear the air and proof that whatever I mentioned above are true things. 

Im disgusted by this woman, I even had the intention to file a harassment act upon her, because my boss know about this situation and told me that we can bring this to court. 

LCB, Im no longer afraid of you. You want to play bully. Let you play and rot alone to die. I know you're definitely going to respond to me after reading this. SAVE IT. You said you will do a blog post but you don't have time, but just let me get this straight, I won't even have the intention to read what you write anymore. I just want you to read this and go fuck yourself. 

You've done what an enemy would do to the foes, No friend would always scold you and purposely find something to quarrel with you especially with the girls you're hanging out with. No friend would go to the extend of writing a fucking song to scold somebody. No friend will try to control your life and claim that she isn't but indeed she is. No friend will because of a quarrel report your videos and claim for copyrights, No friend will threaten to sue you with law. In other words, You're not my friend. 

Im done with being the angel, and I promise you, I swear to buddha, I won't read what you will write to me in the future. Don't bother texting my sister or my friends to scold me and expect them to relate the msg to me. I won't bother either. Let me get this right again, Im here to clear the air. 

I also wondered if what you said about that TYPICAL boy said that he liked you is true or not. obviously, I hope he read this and can clarify the truth with me.

This blogpost is typed by yours truly, not by anyone else because when I type better LCB will think that I got someone to type for me, but it is always me. LOL

Ridiculous much but whatever. I've shortened this 2 year long quarrel into this one blog post, mainly writing the key points of this one sided relationship. 

Let bygones be bygones after this post. 

LASTLY, You have no rights to bother about who im mixing with, im liking, im commenting, YOURE NOT MY GIRLFRIEND, NEVER AND FOREVER WONT BE.


Xiaxue's Expose Part 2

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Hey guys its been awhile since you last see me. 

Okay im going straight to the point now and I hope that my message will go through you. 

So I saw the new Part 2 Expose tread on my facebook timeline and decided to read it lah. 

I didn't really read through the whole thing but I did saw a little ' flash back ' part about me and decided to clear this doubt.

So this part is taken off from the blog post :

" Gushcloud Influencer Kife Wee said that my blog post's content ' Isn't True ' "

Wait a minute. Since when did I say it is not true. If it's in regards to my blogpost about the Part 1 Expose. 

I did not mention anything about her contents being false. I know my English is bad and also a very poor memory so I went back to read my blog post, also scan through the instagram posts that I did during that time. 

- I was focusing on friendships & business tactics - you can read it again if you want 

(Warning : bad english & quite full of shit) 

Aiya I just want to say this again. I did not target Xiaxue, I choose to support Gushcloud because we are like a family NOW. I don't care who is right or who is wrong. I just don't want to be accused. 

P/S : If you think that im targeting her, by saying about her slimming post. 

Okay I must clear this again. I was using it as an example about business tactics and photoshopped photos are one good example.

Beautifying your product and to make it look appealing to consumers. <--- Again I did not mention that it is WRONG to do so. I was just telling you guys ' Hey what's the big deal about this. ' 

Maybe I picked a wrong choice for an example but thats the only example that I can think of at that point of time. 

As of what I remember lah. I never ever said what she said was false. Maybe you can try and dig it out (if I ever said it) 

Thus, Im not eating my own words.
I never mentioned that her posts were fake right neither did I say that the chat leaks were fake right? (I also never say it was real) Think about it! 

You people were the ones that read and assumed and it's okay. You choose to believe its your problem. Im just clearing my name of being accused now. 

I do not wish to interfere in this saga anymore.

I still support Gushcloud because im their influencer and they are family to me. 

*In case you haters think im trying hard to explain whatever bullshit go fuck yourselves. 

Recently I did an interview regarding this saga. When it's out you people can judge. Until then don't believe things that you read online. Anything can be fake. - just a general reminder. 

On a side note - Wah thank you xiaxue for putting a nice photo of me. It means a lot gamsia! 

*I typed this on my phone so any typo or errors please don't fault me thank you*

See you in my next post!

ONE MORE Steamboat & Teppanyaki Buffet

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Hey guys its been awhile since you last see me!


So as the titles says its about this steamboat buffet restaurant that I recently went to dine!

To be honest they are just newly opened for about 3months and I have been there 4times so far!

Personally im a big fan of steamboats and as someone that stays in the west, good steamboats are usually found in town areas like Bugis etc so its a bit of a hassle to travel so far to eat la must well cook at home right? 

So my mum told us that there's a new mall at Hillview called HillV2 she drove pass that day and saw the pricing of this restaurant and got pretty interested. My family doesn't cook at home because my mum dislike making the house in a mess after cooking so we decided to dropby this restaurant. 

We went to the restaurant and had dinner there and tadah. It was so good that I craved for more and I went there 2 more times (I posted on my fb before) Soon I get to know the boss of the restaurant and decided to film my cheesy chips chips new video in their restaurant! 

I brought my whole crew there that day for filming and after filming the boss is so nice to treat us all to the steamboat buffet so I've decided to show you guys how it was like!

Both the bosses are Taiwanese and Taiwanese are so polite and nice. I tell you what their service is top notch! 5/5 rating!! The staff's were all very sweet and nice and the environment is just soooooo cozy and clean!


They have this typical jap/taiwan concept style for their restaurant and you see! ITS SO CLEAN!!! 


The labels also do resembles taiwan style of steamboat HAHA!


The restaurant serves a wide range of food which includes desserts and icecreams too! Hehehe


Seafood!! Crabs! Prawns!! MEAT!!


Taiwanese like to eat food with different spicies and sauces so they also offered the same concept!


There's also a Japanese Teppanyaki counter where you can order nicely cooked japanese delicacy!


Here's a picture of us enjoying our food that looks like a propaganda photo to bribe you all to eat HA HA HA! 


There are 5 kinds of soup bases in their restaurant : Kimchi / Indian Curry / Italian Ketchup / Chicken and one more i forget liao but the  the indian curry flavor is my favorite man!

Here are some food that we took : 


And of cos... Steamboat must have seaweed and white cabbages okay! Don't be a picky eater! Eat more Vegs!


This is their MUST-TRY - I call it LEGENDARY BEE HOON. ITS SO GOOD!!! The first time I ate 3 plates of this beehoon in their restaurant because it's so good! I told my mum that they DAMM clever make the beehoon so nice so that you will keep eating then you full liao won't take their other expensive food HAHAHA!


Giant prawns! They are huge! And just need to heat it up in the pot for awhile then you can eat already!


I think this is called SABU SABU! I think so im not a beef eater so no comments haha


Another beef delicacy which I don't know too haha


Big red crabs! Hehe my favorite steamboat must-have!


Last but not least... CHILLI CRABS! Who serves CHILLI Crabs in buffets!! It's such an overkill! It's DAMM good man! I love it! I love it so much!!! 

I read this post until I feel hungry now already haha! But anyway ONE MORE, is a new restaurant and I hope to help them with this post! 

Overall these are the ratings : 

Food : 4/5 
Service : 5/5 
Ambience : 5/5
Cleanliness : 5/5

If you think why I rate them so high.... Then you should just dropby their restaurant and experience it yourself! It's definitely worth eating!! 

Recently they just lowered their price range! 

Weekdays LUNCH : SGD$22.80+
(MON - FRI | 12:00 - 15:00)

Weekends LUNCH : SGD$24.880+
(SAT, SUN & PH | 12:00 - 15:00)

Weekdays DINNER : SGD$27.80+
(MON - THURS | 17:30 - 22:00)

Weekends DINNER : SGD$29.80+
(FRI, SAT, SUN & PH | 17:300 - 22:00)

*price exclude GST/ no service charge

*Children price differs 


So what are you waiting for? Hurry down to their restaurant and dine there!

You can visit their website at ONEMORE.SG

or their Facebook page FACEBOOK.COM/ONEMORE.SG

You can also call them to make a reservation :

6710 7478
4 Hillview Rise 
Hill V2 #01-14/15

On a side note If you haven't watch my new video do click and watch and subscribe!

Enjoy eating! See you in the next post bye! 

My Chiropractic Journey

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Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me! 

The time has finally come for me to reveal what I've been doing ever since one year back. Back in December 2013. I went to host a health show at this clinic called Pinnacle Chiropractic. The clinic did some X-Rays scans on me and to take some photos of me.
and this is how a healthy spine should look like :


Here's mine in comparison :


During the show the chiropractor told me that I have a subluxation of stage 1.5! Subluxation in short means Spine Decay. Obviously I was quite shocked but the doctor did tell me that subluxation happens to everyone. It's just a matter of whether its decaying faster or not. 

Guess what. I was only 20 years old and stage 1.5 means my spine decayed of a 30+ years old person. 

There are 4 stages of subluxation and im not going to bore you with the terms. Stage 1-3 means you're relatively safe but as for stage 4 means you're too late (like cancer) need to do surgery liao. 

Im not going to scare you but stage 4 of subluxation means that the gap in between your spine bones merged together which means your spine will lose the flexibility to bend. So you tell is this serious a not? And one thing that many people will misunderstand that spine decay does not happen only after time. It happens to things you do in life, in regards to emotionally, physically, chemically and so on. 

1 mindset that everybody will have is that when you feel the pain then go consult a doctor. But in actual fact when you actually feel the effects of subluxation it already mean that its processed for a decade of time and its because of not correcting it which leads to the many problems that you have. A few effects of subluxation includes, diarrhea, shoulder aches and even insomnia. 

And coincidentally I have been having diarrhea everyday for YEARS. And insomnia for a period of time. Shoulder aches I get that quite often too. I thought all these were just mere little things that is happening because it's happening. But I didn't know it was the cause of something even bigger. On top of that. I have posture disorder : 


(Pardon the photo la okay, taken one year plus ago de)

Just look at this shit I guess many people may not realize but your spine and neck should be go by the curve of the blue line. And the red line represents my spine. IT IS JUST WAY TOO OFF!!!! I was really in shock to see that and to tell me that I have posture disorder is just too scary! My posture disorder is Forward posture. Which means that my neck on words is shifted forward not aligned to the shoulder and spine. Worse still my pelvis are shifted one higher than the other side!

They should be aligned and they weren't! And my spine tilted In a degree inwards whereby my left shoulder became higher than my right shoulder and its pretty obvious!

So after the first scan and all the doctor performed the adjustments on me. And it works magically... I immediately felt better although the first adjustment I had sores after the adjustments but I can feel that the tension on my shoulders were released! It's like massage but faster and more effective!! 

So after the filming the doctors were so kind enough to sponsor the rest of my treatment for the first phase of adjustments which is the period of 12months. 

For 12 months I've been attending chiro weekly, twice a week! It's really tedious because I will have to wake u early in the morning and travel all the way to their clinic which is in kovan!! And on days where I was staying in camp, right after camp i have to rush to the clinic and Rush back to camp before lights out at 10.30pm. People keep saying that im a half day soldier, I GENG and all that shit but they don't know this is such a tiring process to go through, and having said that every adjustment I go through i will feel at ease and relaxed which makes me want to sleep. So now I go in the morning i have to come back to work and I feel sleepy in the office!! 

Okay so let's cut the grandmother story short... Within this 12 months of chiro experience I had 1 Xray scan every quarterly. So this are my progress :




And after all this, I've finally came to the last day of my first adjustment. And this is my latest up to date Xray scan 

Wee, Kife - Lateral Cervical

Look at the before and after : 


YOU CAN TELL THAT RIGHT? The first photo which was taken one year ago showed that my neck spine is like shit its all jagged up and not soft where as the latest one is closer to the optima already AND IT LOOKS SMOOTH! It looks like a neck now in my opinion!! HAHA 

And of cos with that said, it makes the first phase of my chiro journey... Now im moving onto my second phase which is to maintain my spine and adjust it even close to the optima! 

I really thank Pinnacle Chiropractic for giving me this sponsorship. Never in my life that I think that its chiro would help me in a lot of ways. Now I don't get insomnia that much. I can sleep well at night and feel healthy again. Previously I looked tired and sick now I look more mature and I feel that I have more energy! If you feel the same as what j felt previously. I think you should try and consult a chiropractor and get your spine checked. Do remember that subluxation is a process that happens to everyone. For more information : 

Go to their website at www.mypinnaclechiropractic.com

Address : 

  1. 2 Kovan Rd. #01-04, Simon Plaza, 548008

    SeeYA in the next post :)

8 Types Of Chinese New Year Tragedy

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Valentine's nightmare no more

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Hey guys it's been awhile since you last see me! 

acnes blog post


So today my topic will be about ACNES and Valentine's Day is around the corner! As you know, Im the ambassador for ACNES Mentholathum Singapore so recently they sent me some of their no.1 secret products to clear skin. 

acnes blog post2

So what is their no.1 secret? Haha no la its actually they are the no.1 brand in Japan! Haha gotcha :


Introducing you the New Acnes Anti Bacterial Patch 


The only pimple patch that have the power to kill your Acnes bacteria and zap your zits! 

This is how it looks like when you open the packet! 



Full of circle patches in different sizes for you to put on! Additionally there's a clipper for you to pick on the patch to stick on your face! 

So what's so special about this Acnes Patch? It looks like any other product that I've seen in the market already. 

Answer : Acnoplex with 4x pimple fighting power. Sounds cheesy but... It is the only pimple patch with anti-bacterial power to inhibit the growth of acne bacteria and decreases the risk of infection. 


(LOL the patch sticker look so small beside my face) 

Okay so how do you apply it on your face? Trust me it's quite idiot proof one la. Just not coincident that I did not have any pimple on my face when I did this advertorial so I decided to use photoshop to put a red dot on my face for your reference : 


Haha okay so I chose this area to apply the sticker. So you just need to paste over your pimple like this : 


TADAH! It's done! It's very easy!! And if you're worried that the sticker looks very obvious you don't have to because i enhanced this photo to show you clearer on if not you can't see it clearly!! I tried it on and asked my sister she said its quite seamless! But having said that of cos you still can tell that there's a sticker on your face la. But let you choose you want to show your pimple to the word or you want to stick a sticker that looks very close to your skin color? Haha


Afterall. People from far cannot see The sticker clearly la HAHAH! 

More about the Acnes Patch : It heal pimples by absorbing oil and pus. Best of all it treats pimples overnight and it is breathable and waterproof. 

I've honestly tried this product before reviewing that's why it took me so long to do this blog post. Well I should say I wore the patch out during the day at about 12pm and reached home at about 10pm at night. And guess what. Usual patches would've dropped off because oil will tend to get cogged up in the area BUT no!!!! This patch stayed on my face through and although there's a bit of oil clogged inside which is a bit visible but it still stayed on!! Best about it is that it can really swell off your pimples! 

I always have big acnes growing off from my face whenever I eat too ' heaty ' and my acnes are always big red and without the pus. So it is like a big Freaking red swollen object on my face. But with this patch it helps to reduce the swell and I think that's the most important part to me! If not the swell will be there for like 1-2weeks and super duper painful!! 


For people with problems like mine! This will be your absolute choice!! Grab your Anti Bacterial Patch now available at exclusive Watsons outlet in Singapore! What are you waiting for!!! Must buy before your date sees you with gigantic zips! Haha! 

See you with clear skin in my next post! Byebye! 

The Blogger Expose

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